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"Take Tea" is a dream that has been in the making for years.  It is the realization of a wonderful mixture of memories:  cream teas in Letterfrack when I was living in Galway in the 1970's; and a decade later more cream teas in Devon, where I was studying law at the University of Exeter and living in the village of Ide with my two oldest children.  Since then I have "taken tea" in many tea rooms, both here and abroad.  One favorite memory is of the formal "afternoon tea" that I had in London a few years ago with my husband, two youngest sons and daughter-in-law.


Just as my memories have blended and changed, so has my dream of owning a tea room.  Take Tea is not exactly like any of the places I have actually been, but rather is a British style tea room.  I hope you come and visit, and love it.                                                                                                                                    ~Nann

More about us...

Jon Shaw completed his graduation requirements from Avon High School in 2018 with National Honor Society recognition.  He attended the Farmington Valley Transition Academy with other students with disabilities graduating in May 2022.   An enthusiastic traveler (and "foodie") he has also "taken tea" in both Ireland and England as well as here in the United States.  Jon has spent hours preparing to help in the tea room by earning his ServSafe Foodhandler's certificate and SureSellNow's Responsible Alcohol Server Certificate.  He is excited to lend his Mom and the Take Tea team a hand.

(Reserve) Jim Christopher is a person of many interests, most of which revolve around the arts and aesthetics. With degrees from the Rhode Island school of Design in Interior Architecture and Art Education, he has had many careers.  Originally an art teacher, he later entered the field of interior design.  Later Jim and his wife Cathy opened their antique home as a Bed and Breakfast, and welcomed guests for ten years, until 2022 when they accepted a surprise offer to purchase it.  After preparing hundreds of breakfasts for guests, Jim is anxious to continue to explore his love of food and hospitality.  Having encouraged Nann for two years to follow her dream of opening a tea house, he is happy to join the Take Tea team.

Les Shaw has been an "unseen" but essential member of the Take Tea team since it's inception.  He labored as the head fixer-upper of the tea room before opening and served as a tech consultant and furniture restorer.  He continues to make himself indispensible, working in the kitchen when Jim is unavailable, and he is the craftsman that produces the beautiful Celtic teapot trivets we use, and offer in our gift shop.

Our team also includes wonderful part-time helpers at various times. They include Sawa, a senior at Avon High School, and Pat, who worked with Nann at New Britain High School.  

photos by Nann Thomson '21

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