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Our commitment to the environment:  Keep it green!


Take Tea attempts to follow the directive: reduce, reuse and recycle. 


When you look around the tea room you will see that most of the furniture and decorative items are living their second (or third) lives.  The same goes for our kitchen.  Our tea cups and saucers, and  much of our other serviceware are not only "pre-owned" but they pay homage to our theme: they were made in England, Ireland or Scotland.


 We have made an effort to purchase recycled paper products, and often pay "extra" to use items that are made with a significant percentage of post-consumer waste (like our business cards) or are compostable, or at the least, biodegradeable.    

During our search for quality teas to share with our patrons, we were intent on finding organic teas because of the benefits to the tea drinkers and the earth.  We settled on using organic tea offerings from Harney & Sons, as well as others of their popular teas. 

 We are proud to implement resource-saving methods whenever they are identified and practicable.  An idea as simple as only serving water to guests that request it, will make a contribution to the cause.  (And even our loo features a water saving device!)

If you have other suggestions that you identify during your visit  with us, please share them!    

photo by Nann Thomson '21

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