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Please join us for a special afternoon tea on a special day.  Vaccinated children 7 years and older are welcome.  One service, 12:00 o'clock - 2:00 o'clock on December 26th. Limited seating. Children must be accompanied by an adult. All reservations made by email:, first come, first reserved.  You will receive a questionaire email if your request can be honored (regarding allergies, ages, etc.)  Tables as follows:

  • A table for 2   already reserved

  • B table for 2   

  • C table for 2

  • D table for 3-4 (no fewer, no more)  already reserved

  • E table for 3-4 (no fewer, no more)

  • F table for 2-3 (no fewer, no more)  already reserved

Reservations require the acknowleded return of the questionaire for confirmation.

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